Design of High Mobility Wheel Platform for special applications

Project implemented the pilot project DEMONSTRATOR + Supporting scientific research and development works in demonstration scale. The project is co-funded by the National Center for Research and Development and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. Contract No. UOD-DEM-1-325 / 001.

2014-01-01 to 2016-09-30

Instytucje biorące udział w projekcie

SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd.

Military University of Technology in Warsaw in Warsaw

Military Institute of Armored and Automobile Technology in Sulejówek near Warsaw

Okres realizacji projektu

Cel projektu

Design of High Mobility Wheeled Platform for special vehicles , in which the includes a final product i.e. a platform with a 6×6 drive system and dimension of a 4×4 truck. The expected result of the project is to develop a base vehicle, namely a platform, for further modifications with regard to requirements of contractors. The vehicle will be characterized by innovative construction solutions that will enable to use it as, for example, a vehicle transporting specialized equipment to the affected areas or an evacuation vehicle for rescuing people and equipment in emergency situations when it is difficult to operate on land. In addition, it is planned to adapt the vehicle for air transport on external slides under helicopters or in aircraft holds.