Ecology in business i.e. the enterprise of the future

The project co-funded by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Programme, Priority II: Development of human resources and adaptation potential of enterprises and improvement in the health condition of working people, Measure 2.1 “Development of human resources for modern economy “, Sub-measure 2.1.1 “Development of human capital in enterprises – call for proposals projects”. Priority VIII: Regional human resources for the economy 2007-2013, Measure 8.1 Developing a workforce and enterprises in the region. Contract No. 116 / EWB / POKL / 2.1.1 / UDA-POKL.02.01.01-00-552 / 13.

2015-12-12 to 2016-06-29


SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd.

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33 784,00 PLN

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The aim of the project is to advise and to identify areas where pro-ecological activities are required, identify competence gaps and the scope of necessary pro-ecological trainings, and train employees in professional knowledge about environmental protection as well as to increase environmental awareness.