Company SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles an active member of many associations which gives us many measurable benefits as well as allows us to participate in various domestic and foreign projects.

PKPP Lewiatan brings together 4100 companies in the regional and sectoral associations, employing in total more than 1 million people. It is a member of The Tripartite Commission for Social and Economic Affairs and The Social Dialogue Council, as the only Polish employer organization has got representation in Brussels. It belongs to the BUSINESSEUROPE organization, which represents the interests of entrepreneurs and employers to the European Commission, the European Parliament and other EU institutions. PKPP Lewiatan is the most influential Polish business organization representing the interests of employers in Poland and the European Union. It seeks the competitive business conditions. It also strives for sustainable economic growth, better law, healthy competition, increase in employment and enhancement of social capital. It is the voice of business. One of the sectoral associations of The Confederation of Lewiatan is The Polish Automotive and Industrial Employers Association, whose member of the Board of Directors is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd.

The Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers is a voluntary organization of Polish business entities operating for the defense and security of the country. The Chamber represents the economic interests of its members in terms of their production, design and research, commercial, construction and services activities, in particular to state bodies. Since 1997, the Chamber has formalized its contacts with foreign defense industry associations, signing with them cooperation agreements. In Poland, the Chamber in addition to the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of National Defense, has signed agreements with the  Independent Self-Governing Trade Union of Army Employees, the National Armaments Industry Division of the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union „Solidarity”, the National Association of Firefighters Manufacturers and the Association of Employers of Defense and Aircraft Industries. Currently, the Chamber associates 132 companies with Treasury shareholding and private companies.

The Association of Polish Exporters is an association of more than 300 Polish exporters from all sectors and regions of our country. It has been active since 2002 and maintains contacts with over five thousand companies across Poland. It also acts for its members and exporters. The Association differentiates from other organizations by the fact that it was founded as result of the initiative of exporters, so its activities are focused on their specific needs. The Association undertakes a number of initiatives promoting Polish export; It organizes meetings and conferences to increase the knowledge and skills of exporters. The main objective is to promote export, information and help exporters in establishing contacts with foreign partners. The most important current task of the Association is to improve the economic conditions for exporters. It is about making the exchange rate of the zloty against the dollar, euro and other foreign currencies more realistic in order to restore the profitability and competitiveness of exports.

The Family Business Foundation (FBF) was founded in 2011. The Foundation, through the integration, support and promotion of activities, aims to ensure the common interests of the business families. Thanks to the Foundation’s activities, it is possible to benefit from the help, knowledge and experience of other family businesses during mentoring meetings in family-run businesses. All over the world family businesses are perceived as the strongest links of economy, which guarantee development, certainty of activity and durability for generations. They were often created with the passion and determination of the first owners. It is the family business (nowadays multi-generational) that provides sustainable economic development, cultivates the traditions and culture of companies focused on long-term value increase. In Poland, the ethos of family businesses have been shaped by changes since 1989. It is also 25 years of economic transformation and business development, the majority of family-business too, which have developed dynamically with stubbornness, despite lack of special privileges and today they constitute a significant force of Polish business. In this context, considering international research, we estimate that there are more than one million family businesses in Poland, which is about 78% of all registered companies. Nowadays not big companies, but family businesses affect the stability of employment in the country.

The Advanced Security and Defense Technology Center was established on 26th April 2010, by the resolution of the Senate of the Silesian University of Technology. The main tasks of the Center include: coordination of research, development and implementation of work for the defense industry carried out at the University, as well as coordination of activities and advice on the establishment of scientific and industrial consortiums. The Center deals with the organization and information activities on data protection and intellectual property protection, within and across the defense industry. It organizes and develops cooperation with industry and other research centers operating in the Center’s interest. The Center’s mission is to gain partners for research and development cooperation, to get information on potential sources of funding and research topics, and to represent the University in national and international research teams and technology platforms. A member of the Program Council at The Advanced Security and Defense Technology Center for 2016-2020 years is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SZCZĘŚNIAK Special Vehicles Ltd.